And the days continue. Still no project on deck. Nothing jumping out at me. Not even the slightest twinkling of an urge to make a new movie about anything. This is worse than impotence. At least they have little blue pills for that. There is no magic button or narcotic to fi I have no problem writing. Coming up with the ideas, writing them down, re-writing them – no problems. Getting the gumption to MAKE these words into a tangible film, still an invisible roadblock.

Again, I don’t want to make something sub-par. I’ve made plenty of movies that are sub-par or mediocre. My desire to maintain a quality beyond what I’ve already done drives me harder, but also makes a nearly impossible wall to climb.

The only person I won’t allow myself to disappoint is myself. This creates a cycle of unintentional procrastination.

My main computer at home has died suddenly. After 2 days of Blue Screen windows crashes, it won’t even take a reformat reinstall from a genuine Windows disc. After being denied internet access for a few short hours on a Sunday, I :

a. pulled weeds on the back porch
b. washed dishes
c. cleaned windows
d. laundered window drapes
e. mopped the kitchen floor
f. took out trash
g. changed litter boxes
h. read 6 chapters of GAME OF THRONES
i. stared blankly at the walls.

In this day and age of technology and the information era, it’s amazing how little you can get done with all the distractions. I used to use this crap to MAKE things. Now it replaced channel surfing on cable TV. I got cable TV last month. It will probably be cancelled soon. All that’s one are reality series and something calling itself the “news”, which doesn’t even resemble journalism.

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