Yesterday was another good day. A new Movie Clich√© edited and released (see below). Two new desks in my basement and everything rewired and looking snazzy. This was the last corner of New Rossdonia that failed to change since last summer. I held off for a lot of reasons, but now the past is entirely wiped clean from the entirety of my home. It feels really good to see it all change for the better. It’s also easier to work and create in this new space.
¬†I’m almost out of the darkness. Thus far, that is the time when either my body or circumstances present a setback. I defy the fates to continue that pattern. I stand before all the gods and proclaim this my time, not theirs.

My mind burns with ideas, things I’ve been putting off and projects that languished undone. With only a few scant weeks left in 2013, I intend to get more done before the sands of time run out. Making new material invigorates me. The act of creation, even art, fills my soul.

I’ve shed any real caring about what most people think of what I do. I don’t make movies to make other people happy. I’m only trying to improve myself in my own eyes. Haters and naysayers have existed since the first cave paintings. I extricated myself from any concern about what others think of my movies or how I promote them.

Saying goodbye to the little ones will be the hardest thing I’ve had to do all year. Thing 1 and Thing 2 brought joy into New Rossdonia, at a time when it was greatly needed. They melted my cold, dead heart for a time. I even caught Vladimir Jack Bauer loving on them a little!

Alas, a work week begins anew. All my energy and zen will melt away as my time belongs to about 30 students, some farming videos, and a few smaller paid projects. Maybe in a week or two, I’ll get some real time back. When I do, then these personal projects will get the attention they deserve.

“Day turned black, sky ripped apart, rained for a year ’til it dampened my heart. Cracks and leaks the floorboards caught rot, about to go down I had almost forgot. All I got to do is to love you”
― George Harrison

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