Got another MOVIEMAKING TECHNIQUE done. I had a really light week in terms of teaching, as opposed to next week when I have NO days of teaching. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. I’ve got some paid work and a lot of Non-Paid work to complete in that time, as well as a little doctor’s appointment. I entered the Emmy’s and the Telly Awards this year. We’ll see if anything comes of it. It might be a waste of money. I wanted to roll the dice, and see what I get. Maybe Emmy will be my new girlfriend maybe. Or she’ll just be yet another in a long list of girls to spurn my advances. The safer bet is on the latter, if history is any indicator.

A week off from school. It may mean less money but it means a happier me. No offense to the school or the students, as I love teaching. I just need a break again. I had a vacation not even 5 months ago. I’m almost ready for another real vacation. What next week represents to me is a battle plan for all these things I’ve got going on to chip away the biggest chunks of editing, writing, pre-production on a myriad of projects.

Even with a full dance card, I’m ready for MORE. I’m hungry to shoot more, edit more, and just keep immersing myself in the process of making movies. I also plan on SEEING more films. This weekend DJANGO hits the 2nd run theater and I want to see it on the BIG SCREEN with an AUDIENCE. I did buy and watch THE HOBBIT on Blu Ray. Gotta say, standard 24P two dimensional presentation on my home theatre was the best screening of the movie yet.

Just two more tech tips to go on what I have shot but not edited. One more story to edit for FRAMELINES. A Cell Phone Monologue needs the final passes then it gets looked at by the producer for approval, then on to the sound mix.

I knew the work would save me. I can’t tell you what that invisible wall was that prevented me from getting back in the game. I swear it was there. It was real. All I know now is that I feel better than I have in many years. I’m completely okay being alone because my work fills my heart and my time. My cats and some good friends take care of the rest.


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