It’s been a long while since I wrote a blog. I’ve been isolated from a lot of online interaction, just not that interested and I’ve been so busy with various projects, mostly paid work and the beginnings of my own new projects.

Today I got a very nice message from someone and it was shocking. I don’t hear a lot from “fans” and quite frankly didn’t think I had any. In years past, I was far more involved in social media because it was designated social media. I wrote more and self promoted quite a bit.

Lately, I content myself with just doing things and letting them find their own audience a bit more. I push them a little with promotion, just no where near as much as I did a decade ago.

I want to be worthy of this kind of message and sentiment. I am going to work hard to become the kind of person who deserves to be messages like that. I’m embarking on a new project, a spinoff of Framelines called CINESTUDY that focuses solely on the interactive projects and educational videos. I see a need not being met for aspiring filmmakers to donate free footage so that ANYONE can learn filmmaking and editing. I’m working on some killer national sponsors for this and the interest has been phenomenal so far.

And I’ve started a new documentary. I’ve struggled with the idea of taking on this subject because there is literal danger involved in following this story. I’ve worked on various documentary projects over the past few decades and have never dived in as a director and made a personal story out of one.

And to be quite frank, the idea of doing this wasn’t from me. Serendipity and fate dictated that this will be my main focus for the next year of my life. Funding is already in place to start this off and I’ve already been out of state for multiple shoots putting this together.


Peter John Ross

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