Did a shoot last night again, got the ‘scene’ and the intro done. Shot with the Sony F3 with the Samurai hard drive recorder. You get a significantly higher data rate that way (35 megs per second versus 250 megs per second bit rate). For greenscreen, which all of this was, it makes a huge difference on the quality of getting people and the backgrounds to look good. Today, the interns started a 25 tape digitizing for a documentary we’ll start tackling in the next few months as an editorial team. Like I said, I missed that stuff, so gonna get back into offering post production services to various projects, especially features. We all like working on feature length movies.

Combined with closed captioning for FRAMELINES, burning discs of the data files in HD with the captions for different PBS stations, we started to go over more episodes for the webseries. I’m going to do the first few, then take a purely executive producer role on seeing the series go forward. This weekend, I’m dying to try to work on the scene with green screen and a dolly move just because I’ve never done that before. I love learning something new; it excites me.

About to have a pre-production meeting on the upcoming feature film shoot. Things are trucking forward on so many fronts. Got CELL PHONE MONOLOGUE shoot coming up fast, so rehearsals and location scout for that early next week.

Feeling like myself again. The relentless pace of work, the influx of good ideas, collaboration with talented people; all coalesce into making a very happy, productive Ross. Good times, good times.


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