Plotting my movie moves for the next year or so. Structure keeps me focused, on track, and even superficial goals help projects see the goal line. Not to score points against anyone else, but to succeed in and of themselves. The past three days have been a throwback to some of my most productive times. Near non-stop DVD encoding, blu ray burning, contacting people about work, and forgetting about time or anything except the work. Stacks of DVD’s made for TV shows to get delivered to various outlets. Going to finalize a deal for Video on Demand with Time Warner in the region for 2 different TV series. If anyone is annoyed with my presence now, the need to prepare for seeing my material exponentially more and the promotion increases.

Proof is in the pudding. The marketing is working in terms of name recognition, views, hits, unique visitors, and everything else. I have one thorn in my side which is that someone promoted the new vids on VIMEO, but it’s not traceable. It comes up as UNKNOWN.UNKNOWN. I want to thank the people helping us, but can’t. Frustrating.

I’ve been a huge fan lately of videos. Their history of Aspect Ratio video spread like wildfire a few months ago with filmmakers, and for good reason. It was exceptionally well made. Their series is at the quality and content I aspire to with FRAMELINES.

What are my goals? Just to make movies and tell stories. Things like awards, articles, etc. don’t mean anything without the movies. It’s all about the story, nothing more and nothing less. All other priorities recede into the background, far far away.

I just don’t want to make time for other people’s bullshit. I look at people like Micky Fisher and the deal he just cut with Halle Berry to star in his Spielberg produced TV series he created, and a sharper focus enters the brain. I could not be happier for Micky. Anecdotal evidence than karma exists.

―Jimi Hendrix

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