If I thought I was busy a week ago, that ain’t nuthin’ compared to what I’m about to be. Looks like I’ve got my wish and I will be in production on a short, a podcast series, and a feature film…. all on the heels of finishing the entire 16 episode run of FRAMELINES on the 31st. Your faithful narrator’s dance card is quite full now, my droogies. Sometimes you get what you wish for. Jumping Jesus on a Pogo Stick! I know I prayed for the creative waters to flow, but the dam has BURST and Big Daddy Ross might drown. There are far worse ways to die than doing what you truly love.

The final Framelines episodes and clips are coming together nice and on my current schedule. Once I get the final segments edited from the boys, it will be time to finalize the episodes, then get those closed captioned for broadcast, then everything will be DONE. See the below embedded YouTube video for the latest tech tip shot with the Panasonic AF100. I’m pretty proud of the keying (meaning green screen compositing). Great team effort with the shooting, lighting, camera work, teleprompter operation and editing.

Just got asked to direct a Cell Phone Monologue that someone else wrote. Gonna work that in sometime in February. You know, because I apparently don’t need or want sleep and do crave stress. I’m probably going to post a pseudo “call for entries” for lack of a better term for others to make Cell Phone Monologues soon. I have a list of “rules”, but I don’t care if no one follows them. The point is to get great actors with great cinematographers; I have no qualms about people abiding my self imposed parameters.

I am busy. I am piling on the film work. Bring it on, life! I’m ready for you now.

You know, I thought it would suck to do all this alone, without a partner in my life. I was wrong. THIS is was I was born to do and I’m doing it. I do believe there is a correlation between people who CREATE something and how they don’t necessarily need or want to have kids. I know I don’t. I make things and I care for them.

All I need to feel complete are good people behind and in front of the camera with a story to tell. That is who I am and what defines me.

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