Keep on keeping on, brother. Maintaining this glow, the motivation and accomplishing goals takes work. Long days teaching don’t help the workflow, but they help pay the rent. Juggling several balls in the air at once between a short film or two, a feature film, and finalizing Framelines episodes, plus gearing up for a 2nd, more abridged season too. Last week and this week have me turning around in circles with my schedule. At least this week didn’t have the 9:00AM classes as I am not a morning person. With an iPhone, a laptop, Outlook, Google and Yahoo calendars around me at all times, I still haven’t worked out the best system for managing my schedule. I’ve only had a handful of double bookings, but as I get busier and busier, this might become an issue.

Even without the episodes complete, I made the DVD art for the last 4 retail style DVD’s. I might have to add or change some of the credits and what not, but the basic layout/design work finished. I am not a graphic designer. I can only stand on the shoulder of giants and do some kind of modification of what I see. I don’t even want to call it innovations because what I do simply rips off a design element from another field, like an album jacket or book covers.

Friday I film some greenscreen for Framelines and although I am not particularly vain (for pete’s sake, look at my gut and my lack of muscles… no one with too much vanity gets to this point of disarray), I do like to clean my beard and get a haircut. A semi-professional look for television just makes it (meaning the blob that is me) more palatable for the masses.

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