Got so much going on right now. Hours at a time spent in the hospital. Editing for nearly countless hours. Writing, prepping, and just generally marinating in creativity for upcoming shoots. Also gearing up for a massive fundraising campaign for FRAMELINES on top. I am going full speed and not even getting any singe heat nonetheless burnt out. Have an opportunity to make something short, even shorter than the next short, first. Worked with my roommate on an idea or two last night. These conversation were about color, tone, emotion, and then some practicals. I have zeroed in on an idea I’ve been fermenting for a few years. It’s something even more abstract and arty than the next actual short film was going to be.

I got both of my Emmy submissions entered. Over a month before the deadline to boot. Feel good about my chances this year, in 2 categories, although you can never tell. Different regions judge each other every year, so the tastes and likes of one market might vary so much, I might have zero chance. Always a bridesmaid, as they say. I just like the metaphorical weddings.

Turned in a new print story for STUDENT-FILMMAKER MAGAZINE as well. I haven’t been writing articles in a while, so that was fun, especially when I was given a deadline less than 24 hours after the assignment. Fun. I did get it done, though with a few extra hours to edit it after turn in.

I’m prepping these Interactive Tutorials for release in a few weeks. These will be in 4K for the most part, even the GoPro footage was in 4K. I just found out that Vimeo allows upload and download in 4K even when they can’t display it (yet). I have already started to export the first batch of clips, and watermarking them subtly with FRAMELINES Logos.

I still have to edit the introductions and screengrab aspects of these. It’s shot, keyed, and prepped, just not edited. I think I’ll wait to release these during the fundraising. The Interactive projects have been pretty popular, especially worldwide, and in educational institutions.

Food tastes great. My spirits remain high. Even my cats are behaving better, all 3 of them together. I have been struggling for a few years to get back to the feeling I had over a decade ago, the one where I felt complete and joyous even when I’m alone. I have that again. And it feels marvelous.

“Lying beside you, here in the dark
Feeling your heartbeat with mine
Softly you whisper, you’re so sincere
How could our love be so blind
We sailed on together
We drifted apart
And here you are, by my side”
– Journey

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