Working hard to wrap up several episodes of FRAMELINES, closed captions going on the last 3 episodes for delivery this coming week for broadcast, and scheduling a few shoots, some large, some small. Got an epic greenscreen shoot this coming week that will get a ton of FRAMELINES as well as Sonnyboo Podcast elements. As I said in a recent blog, these things are a band aid to my need to make something more narrative soon.¬†Got a few new interns that are working out, regardless of the obsession with Hello Kitty one of them has. My planning stages for the future shoots has continued, not at the pace I was hoping for. I’ve got storyboards forming for the new short film, animatics for a FRAMELINES example, and other odds and ends.

I finished the example edit for what might be the final Movie Clich√©. The series lost steam for me. I hate leaving a project unfinished, but it didn’t click with me (and neither with audiences either apparently). This last one ties a few knots, and it felt good to get the middle section cut. As soon as the sound mix comes back in, I’ll finalize and insert it into the host segment and put it online.

Putting together this year’s Emmy submission soon too. I’ve got some material, and yet I still feel what I put together the first year was the best I had. Nothing I’ve made since had the same pizazz. If not for the encouragement of a few friends, I might not send it in. I intend to judge the high school entries for the Emmy’s again this year and I have been asked to do the same for the Columbus International Film Festival.

Gonna be a busy year for the Rossman. If only I could break this hold that binge watching great TV has on me this time of year. I re-watched all 5 seasons of THE WIRE in HD. Got the final season of BOARDWALK EMPIRE for my birthday, and tore through that too.

This time of year, all the snow and cold can be depressing. Instead, I have people over and make good times come again. The annual Penny Poker migrated from the studio to my house this year. Over 40 people at one point, and few of them sober. I tried Sammy Hagar’s CABO WABO tequila for the first time. Whoa! good stuff.

“A storm is threat’ning
My very life today
If I don’t get some shelter
I’m gonna fade away
War, children, it’s just a shot away”
– Rolling Stones

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