Today was a day of rest. I watched two movies nearly back to back. X-Men Last Stand and the extended cut of The Wolverine. It was a good day. All of the cats were upon me at various points in time and a minimal hissing and/or fighting. Tomorrow will be a day of many preparations. Time to schedule some new shoots, plot out what goes where, and get things where they need to be. Got several more mini-movies to get shot. They appear to be the lowest difficulty, except for my standards being higher than they once were. That means not compromising below a certain point. My crap-looking threshold won’t allow it.

I have scripts, storyboards, breakdowns, and a host of other items prepared. Even with such poor weather, there are items on the agenda that can still be shot. Got to keep my eye on the goal line as I am close to getting there.

Time has not been as free as I had hoped. Too much paid work. As if that’s something to complain about. I need the money for medical expenses and the holidays.

On the back end, the marketing for FRAMELINES continues to work well. The consistent posts every week or so are effective. Now people are starting to repost the videos and links. Because the content of FRAMELINES is so niche, it won’t ever go as viral as say a cat licking itself or a baby making faces. For the target audience however, we’re slowing gaining as we go. Longevity means a lot.

Got an offer to review an early film for Tribeca. I’m not really a film reviewer, but I guess I can give this a whirl. A site in the UK loved some of the FRAMELINES videos and want to embed them on their site. Uh, yeah go ahead. Who says no to free promotion of your work?

“All we have to do now is take these lies and make them true somehow”
– George Michael

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