Last weekend was fun. The HORROR HOTEL, from the INDIE GATHERING folks, was a chance to sell some DVD’s and books. Given the genre, my old film HORRORS OF WAR/NAZI ZOMBIES was at the forefront of interest. This time, I was intent on giving away a lot of stuff for free, so some FRAMELINES DVD’s and prints of articles I’ve written for Videomaker Magazine went out to as many people as could take them. The most interesting thing about HORRORS OF WAR of late was the notification from the DGA, Director’s Guild of America. I am not in the union, as I have never directed anything union or of a size that would be. So it was odd to see that they collected royalties for me from foreign countries that aired HORRORS OF WAR that are union.

So the first money I personally receive for the movie will be from the DGA from TV sales I had no idea ever happened. No money has come in for the film in years. Film reps are criminals. Not too long ago, I had a run in with the U.S. distributor, and I was impressed with their professionalism and how quickly we came to agreement on things like Youtube for trailers, etc.

Randomly soon, I will be getting a check. The only thing they can disclose via email or phone is that it is for more than $50. This film is the bane of my world, but $50 or more will ease the pain of what I remember of the film. I cannot watch it, even now. It’s been 10 years next month that we shot the film. I loved making the movie. I don’t like the film all that much though.

“lie awake and dread the lonely nights
I’m not alone
I wonder if these heavy eyes
Can face the unknown
When I close my eyes I realize
You’ll come my way
I’m standing in the night alone
Forever together”
– Dokken

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