I tried to explain something to a student the other day. I wanted to see her try to put her heart and soul into a video project. There’s that state of mind, almost a trance, where nothing else in the world exists except for the creation of whatever you have in your head as a substantial piece that others can watch and see your intent clearly. When you get into that zone, there is no facebook or twitter or txt messages. It’s the purity of creation. It’s a bliss that no one outside of this fraternity of people in production can understand. Even though you want to share in this, only those who get lost in the process comprehend this.

To me, the best part is pushing yourself harder to do better. There is no one else there asking or telling you to; you just crave to make the motion picture better. If it means tinkering for another few hours or going out to shoot new material to complete the vision; you do it. There isn’t a question or thoughts about other things you’d rather do.

When you do it right, a movie is a part of you, and part of you is in the movie. When I say movie, I mean any motion picture, shot on any medium and of any length of time, without prejudice to intent or genre.

Making and watching movies is just as much a religion to me as any deity that people worship. We create and share. There is a lot of power in that. Some can use that power to endorse or further their worship of God. Or you can just share the most common human experiences.

I think the reason I have never wanted kids is because the basic human need to create is sated by my making movies. It’s not a choice we make, it’s like making movies chooses us, not the other way around.

For those who don’t understand anything I wrote, I don’t think you will comprehend it. To those who did, we are brothers and sisters.

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