Here it is. The Emmy’s™. I got my tickets, a suit, a haircut, and a lovely young woman to attend with me in lieu of my co-creator. Yesterday at lunch at Pei Mei, my fortune cookie clearly stated that I will soon receive something I covet. So either that’s the Emmy™ or a slice of really good chocolate cake. Fortune cookie aside, I have to dissuade myself from thinking I’m going to win. It’s my first submission ever. I just need to soak in the experience as it is regardless of a likely loss. My health has taken a beating in the last 2 weeks. I hurt all over, inside and out. There is something of a mystery to what exactly is wrong. I feel like doctors are using my body like a game show riddle and the winner will be announced after an autopsy determines who guessed right. That sounds more dire than the reality.

I don’t like talking about that. Yes, there is a topic that exists that will shut me up. A handful of things will get me to clam up tight. There are many friends of mine that would LOVE to get their hands on that list. Realistically, it’s not a long list. I love to talk.

Even with my ailing, I managed to walk a few miles. It was rough. The 90+ degree weather didn’t help. Still, I felt better afterwards for about 30 minutes, then the sore kicked in. It incapacitated me, so I was able (meaning left no alternative) to watch a movie. I choose the 1992 Cameron Crowe movie SINGLES, a very underrated and oft forgotten flick.

The last few weeks have been some of the highest highs and lowest lows I’ve had in years. I’ve achieved things with exercise heretofore thought impossible along with some of the worst potential diagnosis for my future. In the same week I’ve dealt with the worst of my past and the best of the present.

As boring as the depression was, the ride was nowhere near as bumpy as this. As for film work, I’m working on so many things, editing, preparing, writing, storyboarding, casting, and shooting like mad. That seems to be the safe harbor in my storm. Nothing relaxes me like finishing the work. There’s that bliss moment, elation and celebration, then the calm sets in.

So far so good on the marketing front. Not pissing too many people off, not that I care. Attrition is an acceptable mathematical inevitability. Now to go for a long walk, rain or shine, to work off the nervous energy for tonight.

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