And some days reaffirm your beliefs. I’ve just had several of these days. I had two classes, one was the end of a project and the other was my first days with them. To be honest, I was afraid I was losing my mojo being in front of the students. As the days unfolded I felt a lot better about how I was doing things. I’ve had classes where I didn’t connect with the class, either as a whole or just certain individuals within a class. Personalities sometimes just don’t click. I love giving whatever knowledge I have over to people who want to learn. Based on my resume as it appears on IMDB and with credits as a writer for VIDEOMAKER, etc. one of the students said to me “So you’re a pretty big deal then” to which I promptly replied “NO! I AM NOT!!! My point is that if I can make movies, ANYONE can. There is nothing special about me or anything I’ve ever done.”

I meant every word. I am so desperate to share what I know so that other people can become as excited as I do, to feel that bliss at the end of a project, then I will do it. That’s where FRAMELINES came from for me. That’s what the tutorials are for online. Creating something, even if some people find it mediocre or banal; it makes no difference as everyone is entitled to an opinion and the motive is not to make everyone else happy. The happy comes from the making of the movie regardless of other people’s feelings about it.

Overall, I feel pretty good these days. There are some sad or lonely moments, but they pass. Sometimes when I get a little blue, either the grey monster better known as Lorenzo or the black and white demon known as Vladimir Jack Bauer will pester me for attention and the darkness fades.

I’ve been neglecting my walking and the gym time in the cold. The warm of the past day or so put me back on track. It honestly impacts my attitude when I get plenty of rest and exercise.

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