Got another Tech Tip for FRAMELINES finished. Shot at the same time as the last Sonnyboo Podcast, and knew exactly what I needed to do because it was basically the live presentation I did at the High School a few weeks ago. Will start to market this piece midweek, both because I won’t have that much free time and also because of oversaturation in the market. As it is, there are many already complaining that I am putting out too much material. I’m not worried about the people who are annoyed that someone ([i]else?[/i]) is putting out a lot of content.

I’m reaching out a lot further than Central Ohio. My goals are to get these things seen by as many people in as many places as possible. I’m not trying to be the Prom Queen of Columbus Film.

I’m just going to keep making new movies of all types and keep on trucking. I’m having a BLAST. It feels so good to be creative and promoting again.

After editing the new Tech Tip, I went to work on something that we shot last March 2013. Normally when I edit anything I am in, I just block out who the person is and just view it as that guy. I then realized that fat bastard was me. It made me look at the footage side by side. I kinda went into a little bit of shock.

I’ve been going to the gym 2-3 times a week. I didn’t think it had made much difference, but apparently it has. I haven’t changed my eating habits that much though, and if I can – that will probably lose the rest of the fatty gut, once known as “[i]The Shelf[/i]”.

My only goal was to not let my health go to pot. I’ve had so much go wrong in the last 18 months that my life was at risk on several occasions. I felt it important to lower those risks by exercising and losing weight. Vanity played practically no role – which explains how I got so large in the first place. I have loads of vanity, but not in how I look.

[i]”The heart is a bloom shoots up through the stony ground. There’s no room no space to rent in this town”
– U2[/i]

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