I do not envy Sony right about now. The controversy abound in the email hack scandal bringing about several points of view. Nothing remains private or sacred in todays world. Everything can be devoured and disseminated by the vultures. Even I must admit to more than a passing curiosity at seeing those in power lose it to their own hubris. For myself, in this time of contemplation, the cold robs me of a desire to make new works. My muse temporarily leaves me in the dust. I feel the need for more time, and when I have the time, nothing comes to me and the body needs rest and distraction.

Usually at this point is when my immaturity devolve into reckless folly. Instead, I can at least channel the endless child-like petty actions into something more fun like teaching double classes all week.

Directed a multicam gig this past Saturday and had honey glazed, maple cured bacon. I am destined to be a diabetic because I will forever be chasing that incredible first taste of the most unhealthy of foods.

“f you show me how to get up off the ground
I can show you how to fly and never ever come back down”
– Bon Jovi

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