Fate sometimes smiles upon me. I got an idea last night, this notion to turn something else I shot into an Interactive Tutorial, as it was fairly obvious. The entire clip on Cutting on Motion was ripe to have the raw footage put online and let people practice match cutting. I searched all three of the 5 Terabyte drives, and the additional 8 terabytes of internal storage and nowhere was the raw footage to be found. I was despondent, as to be expected. I voraciously back up my footage. And yet it was not here. My only hope was that it might be on one of the 2-3 machines at the office. Unlikely, as all of those computers have been ripped apart and reformatted and reinstalled. I decided to drive up anyways to be sure.

Once I get bitten by a bug to do something, I tend to do it. This was after a discussion about things that might be used in more universities, as I spoke to a professor that spurred this idea. After a lengthy search, I found the raw footage on the 5th drive I loaded up.

Tonight was spent going through the footage, prepping it for release to the world. Trimming some heads and tails, removing some takes better left unseen. Color grading, as best I could with footage shot by yours truly.

I am hardly a cinematographer. For someone who wants to be a filmmaker, never did I aspire to operate a camera. An odd thing to say and even stranger thing in practice. I view the cinematographer as my other half on a shoot. I prefer the actors and performances, but I do have strong opinions as to how the cameras framing and motion can further the overall story.

I have recently upgraded my camera rig. I got a decent cage, even better matte box and follow focus. What a difference it makes when using it with prime lenses. This is a little fire I am trying to light under my own ass. I want to be shooting again and soon.

I’m trying to come up with new shoots. Anything. Just get me in the director’s chair again and the love of that process will carry me through.

“Moving on and getting over
Are not the same, it seems to me
Cause you’ve been gone, I’m growing older
But I still can’t seem to get you off my mind
And I do believe I feel you all the time”
– John Mayer

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