At 41 (soon to be 42) years old, this is my Friday night: dinner = reheated pizza from lunch (not Marie’s), driving in the icy cold weather for fresh cat litter, then the ultimate debate. Do I watch a movie or make a TV show? I opt for the creation of a new 30 minute episode of FRAMELINESI had the majority of the material to complete the 4th episode of season 2 of FRAMELINES. During the day, I did some tweaks to the edits of individual segments of the episode. I like to quality control the final output of every frame.

I tweaked one segment for all of 5 minutes, and another one I spent over an hour moving B-Roll and even adjusting the interview (aka A-Roll). Usually I wait until the next step to add music, lower 3rds (aka name titles), and of course transitions.

Tomorrow will be all about the final touches. That’s where the final little cuts and any kind of according, extensions or removals, take place. Once the final cut is done, a DVD will be made and given for transcription. After that, Closed Caption, then the episode will get delivered for broadcast.

“Some may say I’m wishing my days away, No way and if it’s the price I pay. Some say tomorrow’s another day”
– The Police

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