The Emmy’s are right around the corner. I have no chance in hell of taking home some gold, but it’s like prom for television people and I want to go. A lot of my friends are nominated and I think several will win. I plan on having a blast though. I did this already and I know what to expect this year. The CELL PHONE MONOLOGUES got into another festival with the Autumn Shorts Film Festival and still waiting to hear back from 2 more fests I basically submitted to months ago when I had some extra money and completely forgot I submitted.

My friend George called me last weekend to tell me he got a request for a character reel as a prelude to an audition for SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. He wanted to use Uncle Pete’s Play Time and asked my permission. Duh, not only did I say yes, I edited his reel for him long distance. Most people don’t realize that one of Chris Farley’s most popular characters, the motivational speaker, was actually created and written by BREAKING BAD’s Bob Odenkirk. I would consider it an honor if Uncle Pete’s Play Time went on to be something bigger.

Speaking of Uncle Pete’s Play Time, I started working on the 3 new pieces from a shoot a few months ago. Progress is made and I am happy with what we got.

It’s all new material for the Second Renaissance. Must keep creating. Anything, anytime, anywhere. Create. Love. Life.

“The sky won’t snow and the sun won’t shine
It’s hard to tell the night time from the day ”
– Eagles

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