Sleep. Finally, I’m fighting off insomnia. Damn you BREAKING BAD marathon for starting a terrible trend of staying up until 4:AM several nights in a row! It took over a week to get back to a regular sleep schedule. Now back to our regularly scheduled Drama. I had to cancel my shoot this weekend. I’m not thrilled about it, as I really need to do something ASAP, but I will not sacrifice quality just to get things ‘done‘. I have learned that I have to live with the projects I make for the rest of my life, as they kind of live on forever, and if I’m not going to be very proud of the work, then it ain’t worth doing.

I already went through the phase of quantity over quality. I am only interested in quality works now. I’m less interested in it on a competitive level with others, but by my own standards. I simply do not comprehend why someone wants to make a movie and NOT care about making it look its best. Why even make anything if you aren’t striving to always better your craft?

The reason I love making movies is I will never be done improving and learning. But if I were to just go, “Eh, let’s just throw something together“, that just seems incredibly wasteful. What’s the point? If you have the tools and the time, why not do your best?

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