I was distraught a few days ago, my emotional state weakened by the work overload and stress. Perchance I saw something I should not have seen. I read a story posted on the Internet that caused me to become somewhat enraged, almost Hulking out Jack Kirby style. I know better than to look, but my eyes were drawn in, mostly due to irony. So all this progress, all my distractions both petty and with import laid to waste in a matter of minutes. Proud I was ‘maturing’, as I do my dishes, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, and all kinds of responsibilities. I lamented the death of everything I used to not care about now becoming important.

And now I have a mission, an even better distraction, one that allows me to be creative. A student has declared WAR on FACEBOOK! It started with a photoshopped image of me, a return volley by me, and then another image, and now I have added video to the barrage. Even my Sonnyboo Interns were roped (forced) into participating.

What we have here is two OCD’s meeting on the Internet in an explosion of creative mockery and insults, both written and produced. My immaturity has returned in FULL FORCE. I will never quit, never concede defeat, and I will find a never ending reservoir of angles of attack.

I also believe in the Nagasaki method in that I am about to inundate this poor girl with video revenge. She has NO IDEA the depths of immaturity I can reach. Especially since it distracts me from my pointless angers from other arenas in my life.


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