Did some training on advanced Final Cut Pro last night. I need to learn it better to teach it. I’m not a big fan of the new Final Cut Pro X, but this was on FCP6 anyways. Teaching what button to press bores me. Having some idea of WHEN to cut and WHAT shot to show next represents the essence of editing. The software or hardware have nothing to do with the creative decisions. Picasso and DaVinci didn’t go around complaining that their brush was better than the others. Ever since Apple switched over to Intel CPU’s, the difference between a Mac and a PC has become negligable. I am format agnostic. One piece of software ain’t better than another. They are just different.

The technology and software changes so fast and in many cases so meaninglessly (for profits) that it’s hard to keep up. Sadly, I am a techie geek and I try to pay attention to trends. My reasons are less for professional as much as it is to see if something makes the creative side easier or more do-able. Three years ago some of the effects I am capable of still seemed out of reach. It’s terrifying what we can do with film/video today.

Xmas is almost on top of me. I’m too busy to even notice. That was not intentional, but hey I’ll take it. I’m strangely unaffected by loneliness at the moment. I’m actually starting to enjoy being alone too. Well, as alone as I can be with the 2 kitty-demons who torment me every time I try to sleep.

Honestly, I am happier now than I have been in years. Reinvesting in my job(s), renewed interest in professional work, and starting to get back to making movies for myself help a lot. Walking and exercise have some piece of that, but miles left to go on that front. I’ve been making new friends and filling my time with things I genuinely enjoy.

I guess getting through the holidays is easier when you aren’t depressed.

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