What a productive week already! A clean and rewired/reorganized home edit suite, check. Bought a brand spanking new Laptop, hot rodded for editing and graphics, check. Booked some drone work, check. Academic enrollment, check. Sold old laptop, check. Three new shoots scheduled, check. Damn, a lot gets done when I need it to sometimes. With the return of my friend the cinematographer, this means shoots can be scheduled, including a short film and a last minute project for FRAMELINES. I am excited. I need to get permission to do some drone shots at a different park, which may or may not pan out. I have backup plans though.

Also with the holiday season means actor friends return to the motherland of Ohio. That means scheduling some other shoots as well. I want to do some more Uncle Pete’s Play Time with George, both greenscreen and now animated since I am working on learning Adobe Character Animator.

Speaking of Adobe Character Animator, I am working on a special podcast specifically because it forces me to learn that software. This podcast, as well as potential money making opportunities in the future using this program, inspired me to buy the new super-laptop. That and all the Ultra HD 4K work I am booking that requires me to edit or color grade out in the field.

I’m riding a high that I hope continues into the new year. I am motivated to keep going on in both directions life propels me towards. Sometimes you just have to have faith that you’ll wind up where you are supposed to be. I don’t know if I am going to be a teacher or a producer or continue to be both.

All I know is that the usually slow time of post-Thanksgiving through the holidays will be busier for me than any other time in the entire year. I’ve agreed to edit someone else’s short, I’ve got my own to shoot and edit, have to finalize at least four half hour episodes of FRAMELINES and also still make enough money to live on.

Still, I have no doubts that everything will work out. I am just excited to have so much to look forward to.

I’m really starting to fall in love with life again.

“We bitch and we fight
Diss each other on sight
But this thing we do
These times together
Rain or shine or stormy weather
This thing we do
With world-weary grace
We’ve taken our places
We could curse it or nurse it and give it a name
It’s louder than words
This thing that we do
Louder than words
The way it unfurls”
– Pink Floyd

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