NOW my head is getting back into the game! I came up with a few concepts and ideas for things I’ve been struggling with for a while. Something as basic as a faux scene for a FRAMELINES demonstration video. I came up with 3 scenarios and those can get shot REALLY fast and soon. Having FRAMELINES has me really jazzed right now. It’s invigorating to see it being broadcast on TV and also hear about people catching it. I’m going to be less “Draconian” about the format from here on out. I have less concerns about perception and exactness. I need shows and I need them done faster. I won’t sacrifice quality, but maybe cutting some exact formatting ain’t so bad.

I made my final attempt at ending a year long feud. We did each other wrong, not that it should be quantified, but there is no doubt that I was the main victim. And yet, I want to put it all behind me, stay positive and move forward with my life. These efforts got shot down like a Japanese Zero in the Pacific circa 1945. Oh well. I will sleep just fine at night knowing I did everything I could to do the right thing.

BE A BETTER MAN. The mantra remains true.

The next step? Taking care of myself. Financially, physically, and spiritually. I need more walking, more meditation, and more movies. Time to renew the gym membership to add free weights and swimming to the mix.

In the last week no less than 3 people have offered me a new kitten. I am considering it. A new bundle of energy could be an amazing distraction. My boys are like my kids though. I don’t know if Lorenzo can handle being a middle child just yet. I’m overly sensitive to their needs. I may do it, but 3 really would be my maximum limit. Crazy Cat Man does have a nice ring to it.

Maybe the reaction to what I just went through medically wasn’t an immediate reaction, as it took 2-3 days, but my overall outlook improves. Imma gonna be fine methinks.

“Too many shadows in my room, Too many hours in this midnight, Too many corners in my mind, I’m in repair, I’m not together but I’m getting there”
– John Mayer

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