Epic failure to complete works I intended to do all weekend. I got some stuff shot, pickups and the like. At least when I’m not feeling the editing mode, I punish myself by doing a lot of other, non-creative work. I took apart a bookshelf to plug in a light. Re-arranged my home edit suite, installed a printer/scanner/copier, did laundry, and lots of feline-mood-enhancement therapy. I also slept a lot, which felt freakin’ amazing. As much as I lament the colder weather, the upside is in much better, consistent sleep. I prefer the warmth of many blankets in cold air at night.

Part of why I rearranged my edit suite was to make it more conducive to editing. Although it hasn’t worked yet, I will emphasize the last word ‘yet‘, as I feel like this new layout differentiates itself from the old pattern. Feng Shui may be at work here. The space is a lot more open and efficient. The lighting has become far more pleasing as well.

I now have all the elements to finish a Sonnyboo Podcast that languished for coming up on 8 months. Because of the amount of After Effects work it entails, my mind wants to push it aside, but the Obsessive-Compulsive side sees all the video and audio in a folder and feels the pull to complete it.

Speaking of which, I have had all the elements for the next Movie Cliché for months and haven’t finished it, so that is probably first on deck. The Movie Cliché after that needs a ton of CGI work from me, and that was waiting for the new graphics card, that HEY! is already installed in this machine along with the 3TB drive for additional storage.

For those interested in my far more compelling stories of the two cats I have, let me say that since Operation Rescue Lorenzo last month, the little guy has not been adjusting well to Rossland. His big brother “V” has taken to giving him unprovoked beat downs and Lorenzo has been living mostly in a cardboard TV box under the stairs in the back of the basement. This weekend, I have been pulling him out by hand, taking him to my bedroom and letting him loose in the room with me. That really seems to be helping as last night Lorenzo was all over the basement proper, even lying next to me during a movie.

I have some voice over to record, a lot of editing, and cats in need of attention.

“Enslaved in the wish and the dream of a man who’s planned their destiny”
– Blue Murder

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