In about a week, things will start really going my way. Life takes turns we don’t expect, sometimes for good, others for ill. A giant weight will be not only taken off my shoulders, but thrown pretty far away from me. Will this shift into positivity help invigorate the creativity? Who knows? I’m still missing a piece. Whatever the catalyst will be, hasn’t revealed itself to me. No, I don’t think it’s a person, or specifically a woman to inspire me. As I wrote a few blogs past, the biggest spark I ever got was an unexpected phone call requesting some scripts. SOMETHING is going to come to me; I just don’t know where from.

In the meantime, I keep some degree of creativity. I continue to slog through edits on deck. Writing, even Ye Olde Blog, help keep some degree of creation flowing. It may be a tiny morsel of the creative juices, but better than dehydrating it.

Petty drama brews on Facebook, and I feel temptation to comment, but then I quickly think about how irrelevant it all is. I want to make things, create works big and small. I have no interest in the inconsequential meanderings that do nothing to make new art.

It has nothing to do with me. Apparently, the world does NOT revolve around me! This is a stunning revelation.

All of my health issues of the last year put a lot of perspective on things like Facebook and film groups and all the completely meaningless nonsense out there. I may not have that zest for life, or suddenly decided that life is a cabaret, but I will NOT waste what time I’ve got with the bullshit.

“Ever seen a blind man cross the road trying to make the other side? Ever seen a young girl growing old trying to make herself a bride?”
―Rod Stewart

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