In posting on the forums, I stumbled across a discussion on a Starz documentary on George Lucas’ effects company INDUSTRIAL LIGHT + MAGIC, aka just ILM. This 1 hour HD doc studied how this ambitious company shaped movies over the last 35 years. It was an amazing set of interviews and footage. Starz really went all out on this one. Interviews with Lucas, Spielberg, Ron Howard, and narrated by Tom Cruise.

Starz has been batting the Behind the Scenes game out of the park. In 2004, my all time favorite Making Of DVD came from them called THE CUTTING EDGE, not to be confused with the ice skating movie. This in depth set of interviews, B Roll and examples dissected film editing and its relation to film history.

I just got this Starz Original DVD called FANTASTIC FLESH on the special effects make up industry and its entire history from the first days to the most current. Sadly missing is Ohio’s Bob Kurtzman, even though his former cohorts Greg Nicatero and Howard Berger are prominently interviewed, along with Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez with Frank Darabont.

And this is just a part of a DVD series from STARZ called “Starz Inside” where they examine the different departments and functions of filmmaking. I love it.

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