Last month when we found out the Ohio Channel was airing our show FRAMELINES, I predicted it might get seen a little. I was right. I keep hearing from people who see me on TV and especially from the people we interviewed on the show about how they keep getting told they were seen on the show. I am so glad FRAMELINES finally escaped into the public.

Now I have to finish 4 more episodes… 

I’m 95% done with Episode 9. All it needs are my trademark transitions and music beds for 3 of the stories and BAMM! It will be finished. I get a bit euphoric when finishing an episode. To be honest, I dance a jig after every episode completes.

I’m lining up interviews, roundtables, and other items missing from the board for the show. Season 1 needs to finish and then we’ll take a break for a while. Not sure how long, although we have plans for season 2 and stories we can cover, but I want to figure out how to best approach the future of Framelines.

I’m not as down, although I have no idea why not. Nothing has changed really. My money is being drained away just as fast as I can make some. The economy looks to not improve, which means possibly a lower income on the horizon. Roadblocks are in my filmmaking way.

And yet, I am happier of late. Not sure why. I’m getting more done and better. Along with Framelines, Clip Frames continues and airs on cable TV and both will expand to neighboring states. There is much strife in Rossdonia with Lorenzo Lamas Jones and Vladimir Jack Bauer not getting along at all ([i]or “V” doesn’t like Lorenzo at all would be more accurate a description[/i]). And yet I love them all and play with them every morning and night. I’ve still been purchasing titles at Half Price Books like an addict.

Who really cares “why” I’m happier. I just am. When the Rossman is happier, more gets done. A lot is getting done right now. 2 new Sonnyboo short films premiere this weekend.

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