Went back on Facebook and my main concern was marketing. I have a month’s worth of videos that went unpromoted. Started with one video from the Movie Cliches series that I finished a couple weeks ago. In one day, a little over 120+ new views. Facebook is effective, but simultaneously, the latest TECH TIP from FRAMELINES went up on both Youtube and Vimeo. I added it to a few groups and in 1 day, by no work of my own it went to over 1,300 views on Vimeo and only 100 views on Youtube. Of course there’s no revenue sharing or cash on Vimeo, but that never mattered to me much. I don’t make the educational videos to make money. I’ve got one more of the three Tech Tip videos in the queue, entirely shot and even the A-Roll (me on a greenscreen set) edited. I’ll find time this week or weekend to get to that too. The third one has the A-Roll shot and cut, but the B-Roll hasn’t even been planned nonetheless shot.

There’s several other things on deck too. I shot an ON LOCATION interview and have all the B-Roll ready for that. There’s a personal blog about the beloved Marie’s Pizza ready with interview and B-Roll. STILL, the entire series of Movie Cliches need the mini-movies planned and shot, even though over 30 A-Roll clips are shot and edited.

And yet I feel completely unproductive. Working out, teaching, and editing for clients wears me down. I never feel rested. My mind burns with ideas and time just erodes the focus. My body and time cannot keep up with the brain, even as dysfunctional as that organ can be at time.

Even so, I need a day or two off, really off. No laundry, no cleaning, no editing, and just a lot of vegetation in the cranial area. Maybe a marathon BOARDWALK EMPIRE session or a Marvel movie marathon, or the Godfather movies or something to shut down thinking and just lose myself in someone else’s reality.

Health took an upswing of late. Not currently bleeding anywhere. So sad that I rate not bleeding as an improvement instead of the norm. Miraculously, my attitude towards life also improves. I don’t have any particularly great answers in my life right now, but I have a life and that’s something.

“I don’t want no damage but how’m I gonna manage with you”
―Fleetwood Mac

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