Got all 16 episodes of FRAMELINES on tape with Closed Captions. Delivering them on Monday morning for broadcast. It’s a huge deal to have the entire first season delivered and airing, plus a few new episodes. That’s 8 hours of content created total. That’s a lot of material any way you look at it. I felt good enough the last two days to go walking again. God did THAT feel good. Getting back into the woods and moving u-turned some of my not-so-nice-feelings I’ve been having lately. I have found my attitudes to get somewhat dark of late. Maybe it’s my health affecting mood, or maybe it’s the circumstances in my world as well.

I just know I have to get out of the funk. I don’t like it in the darkness. I really hate not creating. I will not stay down. I will get back up, do what I do best, and make things. Then make a lot of noise about it.

What sucks the most is doing the right thing, staying true to the good path, and having it slammed back in your face. Thrice I have tried to bury the hatchet, and three times it has been met with scorn. Unnecessary drama and animosity based on delusion, I can live with. Telling professional contacts lies, I cannot abide. As if my life weren’t melodramatic enough.

Got a lot of editing done for the festival version of the CELL PHONE MONOLOGUES. Soon the submission process begins on that. I’m finalizing the new end credits tomorrow.

This coming week, I will meet with a few people about upcoming projects. Hopefully this means a resurgence back into creation sooner rather than later. I crave the distraction and fulfillment of making movies.

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