This is the first chance I’ve had to even peek at the internet in days. Good lord I feel like I just got hit by a Mack truck. Doing multiple 18 hour days on a national ad campaign with a tight deadline does no favors for eating right, exercising or sleep. At least it will come through in the form of cash money. I can put a few things to rest financially and gear up for the future. Here come a few shoots to wash it all down…. I’ve gotten a lot done around the house. More painting and re-arranging to follow. Once the pay day arrives, it will be time to get a new movie theater style recliner seat with console so movie and TV watching in style. This is the big present to myself for a job well done. That and I’ll probably also buy one of the new Ford Mustang’s I’ve had my eye on.

And then I have an agenda to get back to. Everything I was doing for myself was just put on hold to make this deadline. And the job’s not even finished yet, just slowing down. As it ramps down, the rest of my evil plan moves ahead. Yes, I am planning on taking over the world one movie at a time.

I’ve got to prioritize and multitask these projects so there is progress on all fronts. If my health continues to recover, which thus far it has, I can get Accidental Art back on track. Music and sound mix are in on the latest Cell Phone Monologue. It’s 99% finished.

With all these shoots and edits, the army of Sonnyboo Interns will start getting put through the paces as well. God bless the education system for granting me so much free labor. I try not to make them do menial tasks like taking out trash or cleaning. Sometimes it happens.

I did watch a double feature of Lethal Weapon 3 and 4 last night. Fond memories erode as I see these remnants of 80’s and 90’s action dinosaurs. Cheesy one liners and meaningless/endless action scenes just permeate sequels. The original movies, like DIE HARD and the first LETHAL WEAPON are classics because characters had better motivations and the stories bookend instead of meander on pointlessly.


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