Oh the troubled times we live in. Your faithful narrator remains busy, as ever. Teaching and editing take a lot of my time. I’m doing a lot more and achieving less. I needs a break my precious. I am burned out, depressed, tired, and lacking in any kind of creative energy. The worst part is knowing that this is not that bad. I have a roof over my head; I eat (a little too much). 20 years ago, I knew real pain and suffering. I saw it every day on I-10, just as it cut north of downtown El Paso, Texas. Seeing people by the thousands living in cardboard boxes daily for a few years. That taught me something most Ohioans cannot understand, especially when I hear locals discuss the borders as if they have the slightest understanding of the real issues and the lives of the Mexicans.

My life, at its worst, will never be on par with those people. Spending time in Egypt reminded me of the Mexicans, except they had a contentment from religion, the Islamic faith no less, that keeps the vast majority at bay. Most people I know speak loudly about all these peoples with no firsthand knowledge or experience. Action based on ignorance sickens me.

This awareness makes me both appreciate my position, which causes me to lament even worse how I’m not even at rock bottom, so the depression spirals even worse. By reminding my own conscience, I stifle the forward momentum by knowing things could be worse.

I’m prepping ACCIDENTAL ART the feature film regardless. Money is in the bank. Time to move on and get ‘er done. Getting the script to a point where I am happy is the biggest hurdle and that one is behind me.

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