Damn, I am failing in my mission to watch more movies. It is important to watch classic movies to see the styles of the past, and current films to experience what connects to the audiences of today. I’ve been way more into television shows. From THE WIRE to DEXTER to FUTURAMA, the broad range of effective TV just has a bit more bang, plus I’m not as particular about my surround sound and theatrical experience for shows. Last night I removed the Revenge of the Sith movie poster and replaced it with something a little classier and apropos for New Rossdonia. I love this idea of a never ending ever evolving homestead.

I’ve started to revise my first book, TALES FROM THE FRONT LINES OF INDIE FILMMAKING. It started with a new cover idea. Then I saw who I dedicated the book to and THAT had to change pretty fast. Then there were some errors needing fixed, and some updated information (yeah, promoting MYSPACE looks kind of ancient today). I hate reading it right now. I was such a different person 7-8 years ago. It’s like reading a book about all the things you would never do today, but have to suffer the consequences for.

What an odd time in my life. So much good and bad happening at the same time. My body treats me the same way. I lose weight, get to the point of walking many miles without a break, and other parts just go to hell in a handbasket. Some parts of my life take leaps forward, while others drag me backwards.

I just want to stay in this zen-state that my work keeps me in. I bought several bouncy balls at the dollar store last night to keep me grounded while I work. No idea why, bouncing the ball against the wall or the door just plain keeps my mind working. I also lose the bouncy balls all the time, so my mind stops working until it is either replaced with an alternate or recovered from the black hole that are the corners of my office.

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