The Indie Gathering in Cleveland rocks. I have had a great time this year, as I do every year. I met a lot of new people, saw some great films, sold a few DVD’s and book or two. I ate the famed Marie’s Pizza, and I got inducted into the “Indie Film Hall of Fame”, met Bob Kurtzman (the “K” in KNB Effects right as he’s leaving to work on the next Kevin Smith film). I am tired though. Started the national ad campaign, and start a new class module in a week. I’ve got several things of my own to work on too. Time is not my friend today. I will pay for taking the weekend off.

My house sits littered with boxes. I don’t know where half my shoes are or any of my pants. I have the computer setup, but nothing for editing. None of the hard drives are connected, nor is my Matrox MX02, or the TV for timeline monitoring. That will get rectified in the very near future because then I can do some of the ad work from home, in my new office…. with holes in the ceiling from Operation Lorenzo Rescue.

My goal to be more social succeeds even when I’m not trying. I wanted to invite more people to my new house. People come over whether I ask them to or not, and I love every minute of it. At the Indie Gathering this year, I spent more time talking to people OFF the panel discussions than ON. Instead of watching HBO in my room, hiding from interactions, I was in the bar chatting for hours, or just walking in the door, get lost in a 3 hour conversation about Richard Linklater.

I am happy, very very happy. I keep notating this because that is not my natural state. I had gotten so used to being miserable and assumed that would be how life was supposed to be forever more. It feels like I dug myself out of a big black hole, or just like my cat Lorenzo Lamas Jones, a dark long tunnel.

But now I am free.

“All the good times I’ve been misusin’, way, way down inside, I’m gonna give you my love”
– Led Zeppelin

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