The world spins ‘round, and I’m just caught up in the winds, my droogies. Opportunities present themselves for personal and professional at the oddest times in the most unexpected places. I must be doing something right lest things good things would not keep happening for me. I can’t believe how small the world can be. Today on a conference call with the school I teach at, someone recognized me from the Sonnyboo site. And even better, he was a teacher of the guy who is currently dating my ex-girlfriend, who referred him to my site in the first place years ago. To say “awkward” might not be strange enough to explain how it felt to hear this unfold.

We actually got to arranging a little of the Athenaeum, as in all 9 shelves are placed, albeit without books yet. That is the LAST thing I will do in organizing the new homestead. The home theater is partially ready, as in the couch is reassembled furniture moved into place, and the basic devices located and ready to installation. I’m hoping to get to this on the weekend, even though I’ll be working on Saturday and Sunday on the national ad campaign. Uploading from home affords me a bit more time to deal with the house.

I absolutely need to carve out some time to edit for me soon. Been a few weeks too many since I put something out in the world. I could try to get some of these super short bits for FRAMELINES or the next Movie Cliché, but SOMETHING has got to get done.

“You played dead
But you never bled
Instead you lay still in the grass
All coiled up and hissin”
– REO Speedwagon

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