Work piles up. And here I was worried I wouldn’t have enough paid work and I get booked for multiple classes and the jobs just started to drift back in. My own work gets pushed to the side, as well as this thing called ‘sleep’ that I keep hearing good things about. Even so, greenscreen shoot on Friday! There is so much going on, I can barely focus. Also, I hate mornings. A lot. I cannot fathom the idea of being chipper or in a good mood before 11:00AM. It’s usually cold, disorienting, and out of focus at 7:00AM, so none of those are happy things. I find I can’t be creative in the morning.

No time to watch movies. No time to edit my own movies. No time to write for my next project.

I just need a break, although making money doesn’t suck. My vacation plans just got ruined, so thank you vacation faerie for giving me dates that conflict with someone else’s schedule. I never feel rested. I need more meditation time, which requires more than a few minutes to shed off the worries of the world.

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