The new Movie Cliché is finished and online. Another 3 are on deck. I have some time coming up where I won’t be teaching as much. That will be the perfect window to shoot some more of these. In the mean time, I can do a few more Sonnyboo Podcasts on Ye Olde Greenscreen too. This weekend is a long overdue set of days off. I went and looked at houses already, put in another bid on another house. Did a ton of cleaning. Cooked some. Watched movies a lot.

I drove myself so crazy this past week with work and stress and wondering what was going to happen with the home situation, that I had gout attacks for 5 consecutive days. I still don’t feel great. I did sleep Friday night for more hours than I have since I had the flu last Xmas. Then last night, sleep eluded me as my big toe erupted in searing pain. I cannot walk or stay upright for very long, nor can I sleep, even with vicodin or percocet.

I have forced myself to avoid any kind of editing work and even promotion this weekend. Today might be a little different. If the mood strikes, I might tackle some editing on the next 2 Movie Cliché clips. One is just some technical putting the pieces together, the other is a ground zero start from scratch. Given my condition, which do you think is going to get done?

“And there’s no remedy for memory. Your face is like a melody, it won’t leave my head. Your soul is haunting me and telling me that everything is fine but I wish I was dead”
– Lana Del Rey

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