So Friday I’m doing a 20 minute presentation for a high school filmmaking class. I’ve decided to do something on how editing has changed with Non Linear, computer based editing. It’s about how options expand with out of the box thinking¬†I plan on showing some raw footage of things like a boom mic in the shot and how easy it is to remove it. In the olden days, this take would be unusable. Today, click a couple buttons, move the mouse and voila! An otherwise bad take becomes the one you use.

Now that the personal and financial matters are working themselves out, time to get back to work on my own stuff. I’ve got an unexpected week off from teaching. I will use that time to start setting up some shoots and other projects. Today will be a day of assessing where all my various films are at then prioritize.

I like being organized and working out problems before they come to fruition. I still wear my producer hat enough to try to see if a single location can accommodate more than one shoot. Since what I have are essentially vignettes or mini-scenes, a lot of them can be done in fewer locations, so I need to organize and visualize what is left to do, where it can be shot, and try to maximize.

“To really love a woman to understand her – you gotta know her deep inside”
– Bryan Adams

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