Making movies is like going to war. There are generals, there are pawns, and equipment help the scope of a production. I’m going to war soon. I plan on fighting many battles, big and small. All of them will result in attrition and victory, love and hate, or history and oblivion. The enemy is yourself and the aforementioned ambition. Ambition is a double edged sword. It can motivate you and kill your projects, often at the same time. My projects on deck need finished. I am attacking a little bit each day, trying to break them down. Between teaching, work, and personal distractions, focus seems more like foggy glasses. Ambition keeps me going sometimes. Other times, it ain’t enough. What is enough?

I’m forming a plan of attack on a few other shoots coming up. I want to maximize the time and efforts to get as much done as possible. Keeping the quality standards higher presents a challenge. Spending smaller amounts of money, trying to get the time it takes, and having a “vision” (God I hate that phrase), all culminate in problems to solve.

Still rocking the better moods. Maybe it’s the Marie’s Pizza still working its way through my digestive track. Maybe it’s working a little bit each day on my projects. Maybe it’s an irrational faith in that guiding star in the subconscious. I don’t know and don’t care.

Yet again, MRSA has come back. I’m bleeding and sore in a few places. It’s not really all that fun, no matter how glamorous it appears on this blog. Tea Tree Oil and other homeopathic treatments have stopped being effective. No idea what I am going to do next. I have to use an icepack just to numb it down enough to fall asleep. Then a few movements and a blanket (or cat) wake me up with a jolt hours later.

My dance card is really full this week. With classes, shoots, editing, and other work – your faithful narrator has no spare time. One thing I will make time for is walking and running. I must keep that up and consistent. My body needs it. A lot.

“Only love can break your heart, I gave you all I had to give, No words could say how much I miss you, only love can break your heart”
– Blue Murder

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