I have several edits left to finish, both paid and unpaid. Trying to knock everything out one at a time, or hitting each one for a short time and switching between them; either option isn’t making this go faster. I do already have about 6-7 things edited and done that didn’t get proper marketing from my month away from Facebook. The question is, how long do you wait in between each clip before promoting the next? A few days, one a week, or all at the same time? I have found that on Facebook, because I’m spraying a pretty wide berth, including film groups all over the planet, not just local or regional, that every few days works best. You make a stronger impact for branding with a more consistent message.

We live in a world with very short attention spans. I find the shorter the clips, the better they do. Make your point as simply as possible, and get out of there. Basically, the complete OPPOSITE of a real world conversation with me. Talking to me is like watching the movie Groundhog Day; I repeat myself and cannot stop saying slight variations of the exact same thing.

Have GOT to get some time off soon. My brain squishes under the pressure. Last night was a much needed night off from teaching, hung out with several friends at BW3, and got home after 2:00AM. I wish I had something to talk about outside of movies/media. I have other interests, but there’s only so much people care about Egyptology or basic mythology of the Inca indians.

“Must have been a dream I don’t believe where I’ve been.”
―Peter Frampton

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