It’s a safe bet to say I have a bit of the obsessive-compulsive thing. My mind gets stuck in a loop and I focus on one thing over and over until it is complete. This gives an advantage to my employers, but doesn’t do so good on my health and personal life. When I put a project, especially a paid project in front of myself, I have a hard time doing anything else until it is complete. If I try to take time away from it, all that happens is that I think about it anyways which makes the time away pointless. I’m going to finish this job in about a week or so, then I can switch my focus back to other projects I already had in the queu, albeit unpaid and relegated to a lower priority. Getting something done for my clients always supercedes the other stuff.

Yes, I can multitask. Sometimes, my idea of a ‘break’ is to just switch from editing one project and just start working on something else. IE, if I’m doing dayjob projects, I might switch over after a while to the non-paid project that I am obsessing over that is actually occupying my brain.

Strangely, I have developed a natural alarm system to my OCD. Either one or both of my cats will alert me to when I have spent far too many hours at the edit system. This creates a benefit to editing at home more often. The boys will make certain I don’t get lost for too many consecutive hours working.

Even exhausted, I love where things are headed right now. The future looks bright and fun.

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