Yesterday was exciting for me. Spending all day at the courthouse, filing motions, and researching case information. Today, I send out a bunch of legal notices and wait for the fireworks show. I love going into research mode, making the law work for me. It will be a David versus Goliath tale where David wins again. I didn’t even need to get an attorney; did everything myself. For $20 in filing fees and $1.20 in copies, I am about to do some serious legal damage methinks. I am not someone to take abuse of the system lying down. I won’t let my income affect how someone in a position of power might try to bully me. There are ways to fight back, and with a little bit of research anyone can use the same system for themselves. This is one of the things that makes this country great at times, it’s ability to help the little guy win on occasion.

My fascination with the American legal system doesn’t just placate my need to ‘prove’ I’m right, but it’s a way to make life a little more even on the playing field. And thanks to the Internet, I can do a lot with time and rational thought.

I have a short screenplay I’ve been fermenting for the last 4-5 years on a lawyer and a courtroom. It’s not ripe yet. These times help me work on it subconsciously. I still jot down a few new lines of dialogue or potential plot bits when they occur to me. Today inspired something that may or may not fit this piece. Something about underestimating someone who isn’t a lawyer.

I am still in some degree of pain. MRSA doesn’t relent much more than a week these days. Sitting wreaks havoc and makes it hard to focus unless I twist or contort in such a way.

Even still, my attitude hasn’t strayed too far down. All this legal distraction and preparation helped a lot. Keeping my mind sharp does maintain a happier disposition. I think I’ll win this battle. I’m even getting cocky about it. I hope that doesn’t hurt.

“Satisfied but lost in love, situations change. You’re never who you used to think you are
How strange. I get lost in alibis. Sadness can’t prevail. Everybody knows strong love can’t fail “
―Eric Clapton

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