Got most of the stuff from last Sunday’s shoot edited for picture lock. No color correction, no visual FX, no sound design or mix yet, but getting the picture lock begins all those other processes. Five pieces cut in 3 days demonstrates a significant improvement in my acumen of late. Being excited about creating new works always helps. Today might start the color correction process. Without a doubt, it’s time to open up the year old project of host edits from the Movie Cliché series. I need to create some basic backgrounds and prepare for the finishing, which I can work on once the sound is sent off to the sound designer. Pipeline, keep the machine running and let other people do their thing and keep working on the whole.

Things are trucking forward with my big move. Looking into moving services as in I don’t want to make those phone calls to my friends “Hey, can you help me move 4 couches, 3 desks, 2 beds, and about 20 years worth of books?

Back to work for me. I’d prefer to edit and create graphics than write the blog; also a significant change into the positive.

“You keep all your money in a big brown bag inside a zoo. What a thing to do!”
– The Beatles

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