Soon. Soon I will have my new ultra comfortable new couch and then I will feel as though a soft velvety gloved hand is cupping my buttox as I watch movies on my enormous TV. I printed out a picture of the couch and taped it to the bottom of my monitor as inspiration to get through this long hour job. It’s nearly impossible to sit and watch a movie at home in anticipation of the new seating/tension removal therapy device. Watching movies is a near religious experience for me. The mood and conditions have to be right in order for me to maximize the enjoyment. Nice surround sound, high definition imagery, low/no light, and NO INTERRUPTIONS.

I like my movie watching to indulge in the voluntary suspension of disbelief. I want to be enveloped in the story and the world they created for my enjoyment. Sometimes they fail, but it takes a movie to really really suck in order for me not to let go and disappear for an hour or two. Even with all I’ve seen behind the curtain, I can still get lost in a decent story.

Soon we will start releasing the new stories of our own here at Sonnyboo. This team will grow a lot in the next few weeks as a dozen or three groups of people will lend their talents to a project. I’ve gotten in touch with several key people and once my big job is finished, off to the races!

I had insomnia last night again. It’s terrible. I hate not sleeping. I love sleep. I’ve spent significant amounts of money on new pillows, comforters, blankets, and fixing the nice $1,599 bed up to be a safe haven for the sleepy times.

I did dishes until 1:15AM. I watched David Letterman. I prepped my clothes for today. I read a bit of my Game of Thrones book. At least the bed makes an incredibly soft and nice base of operations for insomnia. I build pillow forts and I was pestered by the cats for hours as they tried to invade Fort Awesome.

I’m back to teaching, even though I had requested this week off. I missed it. A lot. I created my own History of Music Videos for this portion of the curriculum. I lived through the birth of MTV and have a perspective that I like to share.


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