Got a simple, fun animation done last night. It’s somewhat cosmic and an homage to the great Stanley Kubrick. Mocking myself always seems to bring out the laughs. Not sure why people like seeing a fat guy do stupid things, but who am I to argue? Once the main animation gets done, I can release this long over due Movie Cliche. Although, I might re-record my greenscreen intro. I’m not thrilled with my delivery. Going to get some location scouting done, just as soon as the roads are less icy. Got a few placed in mind, but some of the props are a bit elusive. Anyone know where I might find a very large, very old (100+ years old) book to be used for 2-3 hours? Probably something like an old bible or just enormous, a super encyclopedia or the like.

Finding a hospital type room has been equally elusive. I have a single lead on a school that might let us shoot there. Tomorrow that will be investigated more thoroughly. Aiming to shoot this stuff before the end of the month/year. Stockpiling material for edit and release.

I’ve been so busy of late, I forgot to notate; No MRSA in a while. No minor heart problems, and aside from a few tiny things not worthy of note, I feel freakin’ fantastic. Mentally, emotionally, and pretty much every way possible; optimistic and positive.

And that’s saying a lot since a kitten urinated in my bed last night.

“Take me back way back home, not by myself, not alone. I ain’t askin’ for much.”
– ZZ Top

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