Had a bad experience burning a Blu Ray. Trying to make the Cell Phone Monologues festival 1080p disc and it crapped out with the ISO file. So I guess I have to make it in Adobe Encore and no where else. Hmmm. I have a small tolerance for technical difficulties right now. Those are riddles I derive little pleasure from solving at the moment. Still, I solved it. I also need to make copies for the key crew members. Everyone deserves a free copy if they worked on a movie, even if it’s only 2 minutes long. Most will get DVD’s, but some (like the actors in a monologue or the DP’s) will get Blu.

The marketing research is in from my latest forays back to Facebook. It’s an unmitigated success for what it is. Wide reach, hard returns for the time spent. Some things pass along, but nothing truly “viral” yet, but then again, I’ve only put out very niche stuff, like Framelines tech tips, podcasts, etc. No real hard pushes yet. These are just the starting phases and tests before the big wave later.

Working out kinda sucks. I feel exhausted, worn down and don’t have as much time to sit and watch the Internets or the YouTubes! I thought by week 3 I’d look like Brad Pitt circa 1994, you know Legends of the Fall style. Nope, still fat, hairy and balding! In movies they do a montage in 2-3 minutes to an uplifting song from a 3rd rate band that you never hear from again or Frank Stallone (who we all wish we’d never heard from again) and the lead character is totally in shape for the big thing (IE, boxing match, ski competition, fight at 3:00 O Clock High, or math competition). I use my iPod and after 3-4 songs, I’m just tired and wanting to eat donuts and drink Coca-Cola Classic, then cry as I see myself in the mirror.

I guess the thing that keeps me coming back is swimming. I refuse to swim laps for cardio. I do the track for that. No, swimming to me ties to my youth, to those days in Wadsworth at the now demolished Steiner Youth Center, where it was about swimming for the sake of just swimming. I like being submerged, and feeling like I’m floating or flying. I’m still light when I’m in the water! No, today swimming is at the end of the workout and it’s my relaxation, the chill out, even more so than the hot tub.

I thought I had conquered my phobia, but it returns the last 2 times. I can’t swim alone. If no one else is in the pool, I freak out. I had swum alone a few times, but now the fear came back. No trigger, nothing. Just BAM! Irrational fear again.

“Those were happy days, happy days….punctuated with periods of deep, black depression”
―Peter DeLane

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