Sleeping in felt great. Time to tackle a myriad of projects today. Client edit, finalizing other edits, and prep for the shoot on Sunday. Life doesn’t suck when there’s something to do and people to do it with. I love making movies. It’s rare that doesn’t fill me with some degree of joy. Although, it has happened on occasion.
 I’m both a bit numb inside, but also experiencing some joy I thought lost on me. The duality of existence resonates within me. I need time. HA! Time, the commodity that eludes me at most every turn. Many things arise in front of me, ‘challenges’ (I truly despise words that mask themselves from their real meaning, especially politically correct, feel good crap) met and defeated, one at a time.

Next year I’m planning a big trip. Most likely I’ll be going to South America and enjoying something I’ve never seen before. Argentina and Beunos Aires are the top of my list. I need to experience a culture I have no clue about. Things are lining up well for this too. This would be the first trip with a DSLR in HD to shoot footage. I’d get a lot of B-Roll and footage.

I have no clue why so much of my life right now are such extremes of ups and downs. All I do know is that I’m getting crispy on the inside too. I’m a metaphorical chicken nugget.

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