Almost done with the newest interactive tutorial. Been getting everything ready to unveil. Since we were on the greenscreen and shooting 4K anyways, I decided to make a video intro separate from the Tech Tip. The footage looks mostly good, and I will be happy to put this out into the world, both parts of it. I like the idea of giving away more footage for free, especially higher quality, more interesting stuff. I have 2 songs going out as a multicam project for people. Sadly, with a near total lack of funds for this I had to use one of the 2 musicians for free which is me. You get what you pay for so the the music ain’t going to be top notch. It is what it is.

I lost all interest in writing music, and almost entirely in performing any. I occasionally noodle with a guitar, but that’s the sum total of my emotion towards it. Music never fulfilled me the way filmmaking does. I never had good rhythm with music, and with editing I feel like I have a much better sense of pacing. It seems I found my niche.

Did a bizarre Spielberg double feature on Blu Ray last night. 1941 Extended Cut and Raiders of the Lost Ark. It made sense to me because they were back to back directoral efforts from Steven Spielberg from 1979-1981. The first one was hubris on display, the second an example of less is more equaling a masterpiece.

Again, it’s so nice being booked on so much paid work. I love to work hard.

“Life springs eternal
On a gaudy neon street”
– Sheryl Crow

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