I’m a bit conflicted. I keep finding some of my videos on YouTube and other sites, but uploaded by other people. I’m starting to ask them to take them down for copyright violation. On one hand it’s kinda cool that someone liked something I made enough to upload it and share it (especially when they are getting more hits for it than me), but it’s also a bit weird to have someone else receiving credit for my work. That bothers me a bit.
¬†For the HOW TO DEAL WITH TELEMARKETERS videos, I find those all over the Internet as uploaded by other people. Now a bunch of other videos of mine are spreading out. Most of them leave in the credits so my name is still all over them, but it’s still kinda bothersome. I’m not that much of a control freak that I absolutely HAVE to be in charge of every way my movies are presented and where, etc. but when I have no say whatsoever and people are commenting on these clips as if the uploader make the videos, then I start to get squirrelly. I think I will adopt a policy of once a month seeking out my clips as uploaded by other people and having them taken down.

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